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Pictures Of Baby Ultrasounds

pictures of baby ultrasounds

  • Sound or other vibrations having an ultrasonic frequency, particularly as used in medical imaging

  • An ultrasound scan, esp. one of a pregnant woman to examine the fetus

  • (ultrasound) very high frequency sound; used in ultrasonography

  • Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. Although this limit varies from person to person, it is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz) in healthy, young adults and thus, 20 kHz serves as a useful lower limit in describing ultrasound.

  • (ultrasound) sonography: using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe fetal growth or study bodily organs

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pictures of baby ultrasounds - Baby's First

Baby's First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects

Baby's First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects

Appearing through developments in medicine, in volatile debates over abortion rights, in popular guides to pregnancy, and in advertisements for cars and long-distance telephone plans, the fetus has become an increasingly familiar part of our social landscape in Canada. Lisa Mitchell provides a critical anthropological perspective on the fetal subject, particularly as it emerges through the practice of ultrasound imaging.
'Seeing the baby,' is now a routine and expected part of pregnancy and prenatal care in Canada. Conventionally understood as a neutral and passive technology, ultrasound appears to be a 'window' through which to observe fetal sex, age, size, physical normality, and behaviour. However, Mitchell argues, what is seen through ultrasound is neither self-evident nor natural, but historically and culturally contingent and subject to a wide range of interpretation.
Drawing upon fieldwork over the past ten years, the author includes observations at ultrasound clinics, interviews with pregnant women and their partners, and a discussion on how ultrasound's echoes become meaningful as 'baby's first picture' - a snapshot of the fetus in utero.
Throughout, Mitchell probes our acceptance of this technology, our willingness to take fetal imaging for granted, and illuminates the links between this technologically mediated 'fetal reality' and the politics of gender and reproduction in Canada.

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Well, it's been a long summer. And then the first few weeks back were hectic at school ... I just work and then come home and sleep! This pregnancy is exhausting me, nothing at all like when I had Jaylene.

The reason for these pages is that the doctors are estimating a far away due date for me, and being conflicting about it too. I've been 11 weeks for weeks! I figure I'm farther along, but what do I know?

But, we have a new camera so hopefully I'll be posting some pictures of stuff soon. And in Oct. I'll be getting my first paycheck in three months so I'll be dipping my toes in the swap world too... but much more restrained! Must watch my pennies lol!!!

Ultrasound 1

Ultrasound 1

Baby Nordstrom's first pics! This is the best of them in my opinion. I can already tell that s/he has my nose and daddy's chin!

pictures of baby ultrasounds

pictures of baby ultrasounds

Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound

Ultrasound has revolutionized a physician's ability to make urgent and emergent diagnoses at the bedside, and has changed the management of many acute injuries and conditions. This is a practical, concise introduction to what is rapidly becoming an essential tool for all critical care physicians: bedside emergency ultrasound. The Manual covers the full spectrum of conditions diagnosed using ultrasound and gives practical guidance in how to use ultrasound for common invasive procedures. Major applications are introduced using focused diagnostic questions and reviewing the image-acquisition skills needed to answer them. Images of positive and negative findings are presented, and scanning tips for improving image quality. The second edition has been substantially revised and expanded, with new images, updated literature reviews, new applications and clinical algorithms. New chapters cover additional procedures, musculoskeletal and pediatric applications, and the use of ultrasound in resuscitation. This text is invaluable for emergency physicians at all levels.

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