Things to buy a baby : Making a diaper cake for a baby shower

Things To Buy A Baby

things to buy a baby

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baby birds 010

baby birds 010

....5 of em...all doing well.
Whatever they are.

On a beastly hot day.
A customer who was buying potting soil shouted over to me & said
" Do you know you have a couple of baby birds here in your 40 lbs potting soil?
As I was watering the plants some distance away I shouted back..
yes, we get birds all the time here.
He said.... baby birds....INSIDE the potting soil bag?.
I stopped watering to take a look-see.
Indeed... there was a good sized hole in the bag and it was chipping away
Inside the small hole... i could easly see 2 babys standing mouths open and that was all.
I thought okay let the parents return...
I went back to watering for the rest of the day, keeping an eye out for any parents...and thinking about how they got there.
I never saw one bird even attempt to fly to the area for hours
I later went back and gently took the two out of the bag and placed them in a plant tray & put the tray next to the bag in the shade. I kept hearing chirping,,,i looked around for the parents,,, nothing.. it was coming from inside the bag.
I tore the hole open a little more... i saw 3 legs legs sticking out from the dirt.. I pulled 2 more out of the dirt, weak but alive.
Okay,,ive got 4 babys in the tray... already they are begging for food.... the two weak ones just lay still.
...was i hearing things...i heard yet MORE ..very weak chirping from inside.
In i went again.. using my fingers like a rake to sift through the dirt..i found the entire nest..
Mom & dad had built the nest of long grasses inside the bag... I dragged out the entire nest in one scoop and found the 5th baby the center of the dried grass nest.
ok 5 babies and the nest in a tray,,,in the shade next to the bag of potting soil. I walked away for hours.. Not one adult bird came near.. yet there were many parents tending to their nests in the 2 story tall out door over-stock racks a couple hundred feet away.
I pondered on what happened... the parents had made the nest while the soil was still in the high safe racks a long time before... the potting soil was now popular due to the warmer weather. The potting soil was brought down...and the parents never were able to track the location of the potting soil bag.
And thats how i ended up with 5 baby birds..who on the 2nd day ( of being under my wing) are doing well and getting more active.
boy these guys softly chip constantly.... like a cat purring.

Baby on Hipstamatic tour 2011 -

Baby on Hipstamatic tour 2011 -

This is an old boat on Islands Brygge. It is for sale. I wouldn't buy it! This is almost one picture per day while I was on parental leave for 12 weeks with my youngest daughter Sigrid. She sleeps in almost every picture. My aim was to document my whereabouts in this period. As you can see the pram was around town. When she woke up we would sit in a cafe and enjoy a banana and play with some toy. Eventually she learned to crawl and this whole baby development thing was very enjoyable. I got to experience a milestone in Sigrids life first-hand. Yay! Pictures are snapped with iPhone 4 app Hipstamatic, set on random. I think these filters adds an interesting glow and flare to the routine of walking. At least this made me happy. Colors in an icecold winter is always welcome.

things to buy a baby

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