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Cheap Realistic Baby Dolls

cheap realistic baby dolls

    baby dolls
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cheap realistic baby dolls - Tiny Miracles

Tiny Miracles Open Eye Charlie Miniature Realistic Baby Boy Doll by Ashton Drake

Tiny Miracles Open Eye Charlie Miniature Realistic Baby Boy Doll by Ashton Drake

Tiny Miracles(TM) Miniature Baby Boy Doll Gazes at the World with Open Eyes of Wonder! Exclusive by Linda Webb - What a darling blue-eyed baby boy! This Special Edition Tiny Miracles(TM) Little Charlie has his eyes wide open, eager to see the new world around him - and you may be the first person he sees! You'll love gazing into the wondrous eyes of this amazing 10-inch collectible miniature baby boy doll - he's sure to help you see the world anew.This lifelike baby boy doll is by acclaimed Master Doll Artist Linda Webb, and is available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. He has RealTouch(TM) vinyl skin, a headful of thick brown hair, and hand-painted features. And who could miss those big blue eyes with their wispy eyelashes! Don't wait, Charlie's sure to inspire lots of longing gazes, and strong demand is expected. Order now
This realistic vinyl baby doll wears a striped tee and light blue shorts and dark blue knitted sweater with the So Truly Real logo (your assurance of authenticity), along with matching dark blue knitted booties
Certificate of Authenticity
Measures just 10" L; 25.4 cm L

85% (14)

Baby Doll

Baby Doll

I apologize in advance if the colors/ exposure is off, I edited it real quick on my (uncalibrated) laptop.

Because no one wanted to model, I used this baby doll as a stand in. The shoot went pretty successfully. :)

The baby doll's eyes were pretty far set back, so it was hard to get light to them.

If you notice, there's a little rubber ducky in the background too. :)

PP was just to tweak exposure/ white balance.

Key: Sunpak 383 thru 33" Umbrella @ 1/16 w/ CTO gel @ Camera Left
Fill: Ambient (Incandescent Chandelier)

[The previous shot in my flickrstream is a setup shot.]

baby doll oferte lenjerie intima

baby doll oferte lenjerie intima

Magazin lenjerie intima romantic in aceasta luna va prezinta cateva modele noi de baby doll in doua culori galben si albastru zefir foarte elegante, modele pe care le puteti cumpara si oferi in dar de Valentine day si de ziua ta.

cheap realistic baby dolls

cheap realistic baby dolls

Bunny Love, 20" Realistic and Lifelike Baby Doll (Artist: Kymberli Durden) By Paradise Galleries Dolls

BRAND NEW from artist Kymberli Durden, exclusively for Paradise Galleries, "Bunny Love" is ready to hop into your heart! Plush pastel pink and an adorable peaceful expression will make this one your bunny love!

"Bunny Love" is 20 inches and comes with comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box.


Artist: Kymberli Durden
Size: Approx. 20" Head to Toe
Material: GentleTouchTM Vinyl and Cloth Body
Hair Color - Auburn
Eye Color - None (Sleeping)
Edition Size: Open

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