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Activities For 9 Month Old Babies

activities for 9 month old babies

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    9 month
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activities for 9 month old babies - How to

How to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Back

How to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Back

A simple, easy-to-follow guide for staying fit while pregnant and shedding the post-baby pounds after!

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. It's difficult to take time for yourself. Now, in How to Exercise When You're Expecting, even the busiest moms can learn how to stay strong and fit during their pregnancy and lose the post-baby weight after. Lindsay Brin, a women's fitness expert and creator of #1 bestselling Moms Into Fitness DVD series, shares insider tips to:

• Understanding and tackling food cravings
• Exercises that are safe to perform during different stages of pregnancy
• Preparing for labor through relaxation and yoga techniques
• How your body and metabolism changes after childbirth
• Keeping fitness and nutrition a priority when time is scarce

Battle-tested through Lindsay's own pregnancies, How to Exercise When You're Expecting offers a before, during, and after guide that will get moms back in pre-baby shape-or better.

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Ramadan (Arabic : ?????? Rama?an, Arabic pronunciation: [r?m??d???n] ) (also Ramadhan, Ramadaan, Ramazan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar , which lasts 29 to 30 days. It is the Islamic month of fasting , in which participating Muslims refrain from eating and drinking [1] and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility, and spirituality. Muslims fast for the sake of God (Arabic : ?????, trans: Allah ) and to offer more prayer than usual. Compared to the solar calendar , the dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards by about eleven days each year depending on the moon ; thus, a person will have fasted every day of the calendar year in 34 years' time. Muslims believe Ramadan to be an auspicious month for the revelations of God to humankind, being the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Islamic prophet , Muhammad .


[hide ]

· 1 Origins of Ramadan

· 2 The Beginning of Ramadan

· 3 Practices during Ramadan

o 3.1 Fasting

o 3.2 Prayer and reading of the Qur'an

o 3.3 Iftar

o 3.4 Charity

o 3.5 Laylat al-Qadr

· 4 Eid ul-Fitr

· 5 Cultural aspects

o 5.1 Decorations

· 6 Economic aspects

· 7 See also

· 8 References

· 9 External links

[edit ] Origins of Ramadan

The word Ramadan is derived from an Arabic root rm?, as in words like "rami?a" or "ar-rama?" denoting intense heat,[2] scorched ground and shortness of rations. Ramadan, as a name for the month, is of Islamic origin. Prior to Islam and the exclusion of intercalary days from the Islamic calendar, the name of the month was Natiq and the month fell in the warm season.[3] The word was thus chosen as it well represented the original climate of the month and the physiological conditions precipitated from fasting. In the Qur'an, God proclaims that "fasting has been written down (as obligatory) upon you, as it was upon those before you". According to a hadith , it might refer to the Jewish practice of fasting on Yom Kippur .[4] [5]

[edit ] The Beginning of Ramadan

Hilal (the crescent ) is typically a day (or more) after the astronomical new moon. Since the new moon indicates the beginning of the new month, Muslims can usually safely estimate the beginning of Ramadan.[6]

There are many disagreements each year however, on when Ramadan starts. This stems from the tradition to sight the moon with the naked eye and as such there are differences for countries on opposite sides of the globe.[7] More recently however, some Muslims are leaning towards using astronomical calculations to avoid this confusion.

For the year of 1432 Hijri , the first day of Ramadan was determined to be August 1, 2011.

[edit ] Practices during Ramadan

[edit ] Fasting

Main article: Sawm

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk.

The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Qur'an was sent down - right Guidance to mankind, and clear signs of Guidance and Distinction of truth from falsehood. Those among you who witness it, let him fast therein. Whoever is sick or on a journey, then a number of other days. God desires ease for you, and desires not hardship. Thus may you fulfil the number of days assigned, magnify God for having guided you, and perhaps you will be thankful.

Ayah 185, Sura 2 (Al-Baqara ), translation by Tarif Khalidi see:[2] [8]

Ramadan is a time of reflecting, believing and worshiping God. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and to avoid obscene and irreligious sights and sounds. Sexual intercourse among spouse is allowed after one has ended the fast. During fasting intercourse is prohibited as well as eating and drinking, one is also encouraged to resist all temptations while you are fasting. Purity of both thoughts and actions is important. The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. It also teaches Muslims to practice self-discipline, self-control,[9] sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and charity (Zakat ).[10]

Muslims should start observing the fasting ritual upon reaching the age of puberty , so long as they are healthy, sane and have no disabilities or illnesses. The elderly, the chronically ill, and the mentally ill are exempt from fasting, although the first two groups must endeavor to feed the poor in place of their missed fasting. Also exempt are pregnant women if they believe it would be harmful to them or the unborn baby, women during the period of their menstruation, and women nursing their newborns. A difference of opinion exists among Islamic scholars as to whether this last group must make up the days they miss at a later date, or feed poor people as a recompense fo

25 Things About Me (I've Been Tagged)

25 Things About Me (I've Been Tagged)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged.

1. I love live outdoor music. Weekend music festivals (especially bluegrass) are heaven to me. Camping at the festival etc... love it. I love RockyGrass and Telluride Music Festival, although I haven't gone to either since I've become a mommy.

2. Sometimes I dream about things before they happen. The trick is filtering out what is just a dream and what is a "premonition".

3. I hold on to friendships dearly. I would rather have a few REALLY GOOD friends than a lot of social friends. If I call you my friend, I will love you for life, unless you betray my friendship.

4. I love meeting my grown-up preschool kids and seeing the two year old that is still in them. It is beautiful.

5. I would love to quit working for the next four years (or so). I would love to be a "soccer mom", but can't because I'm working so *!$* much.

6. I adopted both of my children from foster care, am an advocate for foster parenting and adoption. Even though both of my children were adopted, I firmly believe we were meant to be a family... it was in the stars.I'm still a respite care foster parent, and firmly believe every social worker should have a foster placement in their own homes for at least a week before they place a child in mine.

7. I love wooden roller coasters. It reminds me of downhill ski racing.

8. I love to play games with people (board games and card games I mean), because it lets me get into their minds and see how they think. Pictionary is especially good for this.

9. I love to go to garage sales on Saturday mornings with my Mom in the summer.

10. I love food when it's made from scratch. Especially anything from Antares.

11. I live for traditions: Waffle Sunday, Potluck Night Wednesdays, Friday Night Bar-B-Que...etc. Any fun activity with friends or family that happens on a regular basis that I can count on. I'm sad when they end.

12. I'm interested in learning more about Waldorf Schools, would love to go train with Reggio Emilio schools in Italy, would love to become certified in Montessori. And, although I feel like I need to work with the school district to have summers off, I would love to figure out a way to do that at the preschool level.

13. Taking art classes in college really taught me how to SEE things. I didn't really see the beauty in the world before...

14. I love social history. I love art history.

15. I love to read books that have happy endings and take me to different worlds... fantasy books (with wizards and stuff) are a lot of fun for this reason.

16. I love that my kids are finally old enough to go on decent "doggie walks".

17. We've been a foster family for pregnant animals from the Humane Society. It's a great, responsible way for your kids to experience birth and baby animals, which is something everyone should experience...

18. I would love to buy a spruced up Westfalia on EBAY and fly out with my kids to get it and then spend six months driving it home. But wait, what would we do with Jenny Dog?

19. I really want to go to the Sand Dunes NM, I've never been. Or the white sand dunes in New Mexico... another reason to have a Westfalia...

20. I wish my kids saw their cousins more. They are such a great group of kids.

21. I'm so excited that my sister is a Mom, and it's so fun to share it with her...

22. I really want to have my own chickens.

23. There were a few years that I vowed to be outside enjoying every sunset and I did... being outside in nature is my religion.

24. I loved eating churros and drinking hot chocolate in Spain, it was like drinking liquid chocolate pudding. I've tried unsuccessfully to recreate it. If you have a good hot chocolate recipe, send it my way. I wish I had taken a few art history classes before I went.

25. I feel so lucky that I had so many freedoms as a child... something that my children don't have. I spent days skiing the Christie lifts all by myself (and my friend libby) before kindergarten. We spent the summer basically alone together in California when we were 15/16... we were so free!

activities for 9 month old babies

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